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Exitium of Runetotem

Welcome to Exitium located on Runetotem-US. 
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on progression through Legion. 
We were founded during The Burning Crusade expansion and have cleared all 4 -19 tier content. 
We've completed a number of notable achievements including server first-guild level 25

We are a mature raiding guild with a focus on guild progression through 10 - 30 man content then moving into 20 man mythic. We expect applicants to know their class and class mechanics, be self-sufficient, and capable of adapting. If you feel you are the kind of player we're looking for, fill out an application. You can contact Sellindal, Oobigoo, Alièns, Watchnlearn or Glow in game with any questions and updates on your application status.

We are always willing to recruit exceptional raiders with knowledge and skill. So even if you don't see your class open put in an application anyways!


 Raids are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 7pm to 10pm cst.  
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