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re: App: Lorthix

The application submitted by Lorthix is as follows:

Name : Erandris
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Runetotem
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Warlock
Spec 1 : Destruction
Spec 2 : Demonology

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Are you atleast 18 years old - We do not accept minors:

It is important that you can make all 3 raid days on time. Is anything coming up in your life that may effect raiding times? (ie: school, new job, baby?) please be honest:
There is currently nothing that conflicts with the raiding times, and barring something unforeseen, there should be none in the near future.

Please describe in detail your prior raiding experience with the character you are applying with:
On this particular Warlock, I have no prior raiding experience outside of LFR and some PUG Normals. However, on my previous main (Kithrix - Zul'jin) I ended Warlords as 9/13 M HFC and was part of a small (~13 man) guild for the first portion of Legion that was able to do all Heroic content prior to the following raid's release. In addition to this, I have played an Alliance Warlock since Burning Crusade and obtained multiple realm first and second kills on him through TBC and WotLK. I say none of this as boastful, merely to demonstrate that although this particular Warlock is new with Legion, I do have extensive raiding experience through multiple characters and raids.

If you raided on alts, explain in detail the class and role you raided with:
Protection Paladin - Warlords of Draenor Heroic / Mythic content, Legion Heroic Content || Rogue - Mists All Heroic || Warlock - TBC Afflilction all content, WotLK Various specs all content

Do you research boss fights before raid? Where do you look? :
I generally do extensive research on fights before seeing the raid encounters. I usually check IcyVeins, WoWhead, FatBoss, and various other PBE or released videos on the fights.

Current Guild - Why are you leaving your current guild? Please be honest:
I am not currently in a guild

Prior Guilds - What are your experiences with them? :
The guild I raided with in the previous portion of Legion was a small group of friends who ended up quitting due to being unable to recruit enough members to begin Mythic content. Since that was our main goal with the guild, being unable to maintain enough competent members disheartened a few of them and every dispersed to different guilds or games.

What expectations do you have from a Guild? :
For all members to come prepared (Potions, Flasks, Food) and educated for the fights. I very rarely speak during raids unless asked directly or the content is on farm so that I do not distract anyone or myself from the fights.

Why have you picked Exitium to apply to? :
Your raid times and recruitment needs fit perfectly with what I was looking for and the members I contacted about your guild were very kind and helpful.

List the names of any current Exitium members you know:
Thus far my only contact has been with Sellindal and Oobigoo in regards to the guilds recruitment needs.

If you are not on Runetotem, please provide your battle tag for us to get ahold of you. If you do not wish to leave it in here, please pm an officer on the website:
I am currently on Runetotem

What do you like to do in game while you're not raiding?:
When I am not raiding I am generally leveling another alt or grinding out Mythic + keystones

Summary of your background and interests beyond Gaming and WoW:
I am going to start my final semester for my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy playing video games (too much I'm sure) such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and various other MMO titles. I also enjoy college football and playing pick up basketball/ volleyball games.

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