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re: App: woddles

The application submitted by woddles is as follows:

Name : Woddles
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Runetotem
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Troll
Class : Rogue
Spec 1 : Assass.
Spec 2 : Combat

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Are you atleast 18 years old - We do not accept minors:

It is important that you can make all 3 raid days on time. Is anything coming up in your life that may effect raiding times? (ie: school, new job, baby?) please be honest:

Please describe in detail your prior raiding experience with the character you are applying with:
I am a long time raider. During bc, i pugged a bit of kara, gruul, ssc, but my first raiding experience with a guild focused on progression was black temple. I have raided every major instance since then while in a guilded setting. I was in the same guild from the end of Wrath until the beginning of Draenor, where my guild died, and i quit for the expansion. I came back at the tail end of Draenor, interested in killing some demons. I have exstensive legacy 25 heroic experience, as well as raid leading experience.

If you raided on alts, explain in detail the class and role you raided with:
I currently raid on 3 alts as well, 880 destruction warlock, 878 resto druid, 865 prot warrior

Do you research boss fights before raid? Where do you look? :
yes, generally youtube (rip tankspot)

Current Guild - Why are you leaving your current guild? Please be honest:
The Jungle Bar Test - I am choosing to leave this guild because i do not agree with the way the raid and guild leaders run groups. (yelling, no breaks, generally assuming everyone except them is stupid)

Prior Guilds - What are your experiences with them? :
The Jungle Bar Test - not a pleasing environment ; Virtual Insanity - casual guild with lots of members ; Insomnia - my home for the better part of 6 years ; i dont remember guild before then

What expectations do you have from a Guild? :
fun and progression

Why have you picked Exitium to apply to? :
your current progression is about lined up with my experience in the most current content and i'm looking to expand on that

What do you like to do in game while you're not raiding?:
I play a lot of hearthstone, im a guitarist, and a dad

Summary of your background and interests beyond Gaming and WoW:
there are things besides that?

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